Gillette Shampoo Product ImageAfter trying the Gillette Body Wash that was sent to me, I couldn’t wait to try the shampoo and conditioner. I am very particular about my hair care products. I have used my fair share of brands looking for something to keep my hair clean and manageable. These days, when seeking out a new brand, price is one of the first things I look at. I am more than willing to pay a fair amount for something that is good quality. Still, if I am unfamiliar with the product or if I know that something else works as good and is cheaper, than I am more likely to buy that to save some money.

Prior to this review I had not tried Gillette Shampoo or Conditioner. In truth, I didn’t even know they made shampoo and conditioner. I had run the gamut of professional products from Redkin to Paul Mitchell, and while they are good products, spending $15 on a bottle of shampoo isn’t always in my budget.

Gillette is generally not more than a few dollars depending on which store you go to and the bottles you purchase are as big, if not bigger than the competitors brands. In this economy, the price of any decently made product is one of the best selling points of all.

While the price was important to me, what I really needed was a product to keep my hair in check. Some days my hair feels oily and other days it feels dry and brittle. It’s incredibly erratic, but it wasn’t always that way. I’d welcomed the chance to try a new shampoo as that can sometimes help revitalize your hair and that was just what I needed.

Come to find out, Gillette might just become my new brand of shampoo and conditioner. My girlfriend commented on the scent before anything. I mentioned how amazing the body wash smells and the shampoo smells equally as good according to her. Not only that, but the smell lingers without disappearing too soon. I was incredibly happy with the quality of the scent.

After using the shampoo my hair was soft and smooth. It felt great! I probably could have gotten away with not using the conditioner, but as I needed to review it I decided to give it a shot. It only made things better. I noticed that after using the conditioner my hair felt incredibly silky. It don’t remember it feeling that good in a long time. My hair felt amazingly clean after using both the shampoo and conditioner and it still felt great when I woke up the next day. Normally, it has that need to be washed feeling, but this time it felt great, which was nice even though I wash my hair daily.

I was unfamiliar with the multitude of Gillette products, but after the amazing experiences that I have had, you can bet when I am out shopping for something to do with male hygiene I will be checking to see if Gillette offers any available options. So far, everything that I have tried has rocked my world.

I use the conditioner in small doses so the bottle should last me for quite some time. I could use more, but I find that I just don’t need it. My hair ends up soft and manageable from the shampoo and is easily styled with the Gillette styling products when I am ready to do my hair. These are great products and I cannot stress how highly recommended they come.

Gillette has easily replaced my top choice for men’s products. Once the shampoo and conditioner are gone, I will be off to the store to pick up another bottle or two, depending on my needs. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced brand of shampoo and conditioner for men, you would have a hard time finding a better product for your buck. Gillette comes highly recommended!

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