Dominick has been involved in public speaking since he was a young child. He gets numerous requests daily to speak at universities, conferences/cons, on panels, and at roundtable discussions.

Dominick is available to speak, educate, and offer panels, training, and discussions on the following topics:

  • Media representation – special emphasis on disability representation and LGBTQIA representation
  • Disability and/or LGBTQIA rights, access, freedom, and justice
  • Sex & Sexuality
  • Gaming, Streaming,
  • Disabled Parenting & Relationships
  • Marriage Equality for Disabled Folks
  • Disability & Healthcare
  • Growing up Disabled and/or Trans/Queer
  • Directing Films
  • Various topics in film scholarship
  • Abuse, Mental Health, Trauma
  • Home and Community Based Services
  • Nerdy Geeky Topics

He has also given workshops on:

  • Social Media
  • Acting and/or Acting for the Screen

If you would like to book Dominick to speak, present, be on a panel or host a workshop at your event and/or location, please contact him to discuss pricing.

Dominick is currently central to the Midwestern United States. He cannot travel outside of his current area without compensation for travel (either driving or train) and accessible lodging accommodations.

If you are out of the United States and are not in Canada or Mexico, or are in Hawaii or Alaska, you may want to discuss having Dominick present remotely through video software such as Skype, Twitch, or Google Hangout. Unfortunately, Dominick cannot present, speak, or run a workshop across the ocean anywhere in person due to the fact that he is unable to fly since planes are not accessible to him.

That has not stopped him from doing so remotely!