#FilmDis is a weekly discussion held on Twitter that explores film, television, and other aspects of media through a disability perspective. I started #FilmDis in 2014 to not only to discuss my frustrations with Hollywood and the greater media which have both excluded and misrepresented disabled people, as well as the greater disability community, but also to educate those who have no understanding of the impact such representations can have on those living with disabilities. How the media portrays disability can affect everything from how we are treated to whether disability positive legislation is passed. There is a responsibility when including disability in stories, and often that is not taken seriously.

If we want things to change for us, to get better, so we are treated better, and so we have greater opportunities in all aspects of our lives, we need to recognize just how problematic film, television, and greater media are when it comes to disability.

As #FilmDis enters its third year, we are changing things up! Every discussion will be more inclusive of the many regular contributors to each weekly topic. Everyone will now have the opportunity to contribute questions to the discussion! You can also make suggestions about what kind of topics to cover!!

Additionally, we are looking for individuals interested in leading our weekly discussions as guest hosts. Please be intricately knowledgeable about the topic which you are discussing. We are particularly looking for those working in some aspect of film, television, or media who have a disability. This means actors, writers, directors, film scholars.

If you are interested in submitting questions, suggesting topics to cover, or hosting a weekly chat, send me a message:

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#FilmDis is on hiatus until September 10, where we will explore disability on Game of Thrones. Discussions are held at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT. We hope to see you there!