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In My Darkest Hour

I’ve struggled for many months about this very topic. I don’t want pity. I don’t want loathing. I just want people to understand that I’ve been to hell and back. I’ve survived. I don’t expect people to reply to this with comments. I just ask that you read and listen….

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Home Renovations – No Time for Writing?

My days have been absolute chaos. Well, at least for the past two or three weeks. We’re having some minor home renovations, which are being done to the entire house (and are ABSOLUTELY, 100% necessary). For starters, we have new carpet in the bedrooms. We also have new light fixtures…

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What Constitutes Abuse?

What constitutes abuse? Is it a smack on the face? How about an unpleasant word? Is abuse something deeper or is just something that has to be construed as abuse by the victim of said abuse? I’ve been in therapy since I was five. That’s about the time I realized…