My days have been absolute chaos. Well, at least for the past two or three weeks. We’re having some minor home renovations, which are being done to the entire house (and are ABSOLUTELY, 100% necessary). For starters, we have new carpet in the bedrooms. We also have new light fixtures (due to two broken ones) and new paint on our walls. The sheets we had to tack up over broken curtain rods, are replaced by blinds. The two bedrooms look a lot better.

The renovations are being done by Ashtyn’s brother, who has a building license. He’s now putting down a laminate style flooring in our living room and is painting the walls. He’s moving out furniture to have more room for me to get around our very small living room. It will be a lot easier for Ash to use the Hoyer lift, which gets me in and out of bed, in the living room, with a smoother flooring. We’ll be getting new cupboards for the kitchen (ours are on their last legs), new flooring in the bathroom and kitchen, and Ashtyn’s mom’s bedroom is being steam cleaned. All in all, it’s a project that should be finished by Christmas, but for now it’s slowing down my entire day.

Each day, this is pretty much what happens. Our four year old nephew comes over. Ash and/or I, play pirates, with cars, games, or watch an assortment of television shows, amongst which his favorite is Hannah Montana. I know, gross right? Yesterday, I went into Hannah Montana overload due to the marathon I had to watch. I still think I have yet to recover. The entire time, if CT’s schoolwork isn’t done, he cries about how he doesn’t want to do it, because he wants to play with his cousin. Instead of just doing said work, he has a hissy fit the entire time, and has to spend that time in his room. Once nephew and Bro in Law leave, he finishes his schoolwork with little problem, but the entire process is rather annoying considering it doesn’t click in his head, he should just get said work done before his cousin, Lil B, comes over.

While one of us is distracting the kids, the other either has to sit in with CT and make him do said schoolwork, or work on what little work they can do. If CT has no schoolwork, my work is nearly impossible to do, as both children scream so loud, concentration is nearly impossible to attain. The two bring out the absolute worst in one another, leaving all parents frustrated. Of course, alone, both are perfectly fine, and better behaved. It’s interesting to watch, so some days, we each have to take a child (Ash and I), as opposed to letting them fight with one another.

Needless to say, work wise, writing wise, and creative wise I’ve Gotten NOWHERE. The living room is being worked on and while this renovation is necessary, I’m so ready for it to be over? Is it Christmas yet?

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