I’ve decided I need a makeover. Not just one on the outside, but one on the inside, too. I’ve made excuses for too long. I’ve fallen back on health issues and other problems, which have slowed down my work. I know I’m never going to have a conventional career path and I don’t want one, but with the New Year rolling in, I’ve decided it is time to prioritize.

I can’t let any of these things drag me down anymore. I have to get things done. I have to set realistic goals and accomplish them. I have to get involved in music again and I need to make sure I have some “Me” time to actually get some screenwriting/book projects done with Ashtyn. I’m tired of being grumpy all the time. I’m getting together all the tools I need to make a change in my life, for the better.

This means that as I transform, throughout the first months of 2009, I’ll be documenting everything. All of the physical transformations, as I finally start taking Testosterone and as I make myself over physically, will be documented in pictures and videos. Likewise, I’ll be posting a lot about how much I’ve accomplished each day, my goals for each week and month, and how I feel I’ve progressed on a monthly basis.

I’ve never fully transformed, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all the same time, so this could prove to be interesting. In the next month, I’ll be preparing to embark on this journey and knowing I have all of you, supporting me along the way is the guidance I need to finally get my act together.

It’s time for me to stop saying and start doing. Won’t you come along for the ride?

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