The web has made it so those not in the same place as others can experience what is going on, with them. Last night, I had the chance to experience the events of my hometown, as they unfolded on Facebook. I grew up in the small town of Walbridge, Ohio. Pretty much everyone knew everyone there. I went to Lake High School, which served students from Walbridge, Millbury, Moline and Lake Twp, all surrounding areas for the school. My graduating class had less than 200 people in it. Many of us hung out at the local swimming pool. We knew kids in nearly every grade while attending school. It was just a small town community.

Now that I am in Michigan, I feel at a loss. My community needs me and I can’t rush down to help like I want to. My high school was destroyed. Entire chunks of the school are gone. At least five people have died. One was Bailey Bowman. She was just a little kid when I was a young teen at the local swimming pool, Aqua Terrace. She used to play swim games like pom pom with us older kids. Just 20, Bailey died last night on the way to seek shelter at the local police station. Four year old, Hayden Walters and his mother, Mary, died last night. Mary’s husband, Ryan, and her daughter, Maddie are in the hospital. The Lake High School valedictorian lost her father, last night. Today was supposed to have been graduation for Lake High School, but it was postponed. The community is devastated by these losses.

Houses have been decimated, extending from an eight mile path. The Lake Twp police station had it’s roof ripped off and it’s torn apart. Metcalf Field, across from the High School, has a lot of damage. People have lost their entire houses, yet I am too far away to go help. What can I do? I can do only what I am able to do online and through friends who can travel down to Toledo for me.

Lake High School Destroyed in Tornado

UPDATE: LAKE has RECEIVED a $500,000 prize for deserving schools thanks to efforts to raise awareness on Facebook!! Thanks Kohl’s!!!

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