Wow. It seems like I have been in a whirlwind since December 21, 2010. That is when my doctor ran my blood tests, so that I could be put on Testosterone!! He is very optimistic about it, especially since it will help to increase my muscle mass and target my low muscle enzymes, as well as toughen up my sensitive skin and thicken my osteoporosis-filled bones. The tests took a few weeks to come in and everything looks excellent!

A few days ago, he called me to give me my test results. He told me he was calling in a prescription for a vial of Testosterone and some syringes. I was so nervous. I ended up going yesterday to pick the prescription up, and had quite the adventure. When I went in to the pharmacy, it was light out. When I came out, it had become dark. Due to the snow, the sidewalks were inaccessible. I ended up having a nice couple ride behind me back to campus! They kept their lights on to make sure no cars hit me. It was so awesome of them.

Then, last night, after eight long years of waiting for this moment, Ash gave me my first shot of Testosterone. My friends are all very excited about watching these changes unfold. Most have never had a transgender friend go through the changes in front of their very eyes. My voice teachers, Lee and Rick, also seem excited to watch the changes, especially to my voice. Most of all, I have been floating on air, since the shot. Of course, I had a moment of fear right before Ash stuck me. I owe that all to her.

You see, before my prescription was filled, she asked me if I was nervous. I told her I wasn’t, especially since I do not usually flinch with shots. I would rather have a shot than have my blood pressure taken. Then she told me she thought the needle was bigger and the liquid thicker than the past shots I have had to take. She also knew it had to be shoved into my muscle, farther and harder than other shots. I had a moment to think. Maybe she was right. Maybe it would hurt terribly. I began to get nervous.

When I returned home with the vial and needles Ash looked at the needles and said they were actually smaller than she expected. Still, I wondered if it would hurt. The initial prick felt like nothing, but it takes a little bit of time to inject into the muscle. It began to sting a little during the injection, but it was light and easy to handle pain. After the shot, I felt fine. I even took a snooze in my wheelchair! It was easier than she or I thought!

The doctor put me on 1 mL of Testosterone every two weeks. The vial contains 200 mg of the medication for every 1 mL and I have 10 mL, so I have five months worth of medication available. I plan to document the changes, on video. The first change is supposed to be a change in the voice and it can start to happen quite quickly (within a month) or may happen more gradually. I may have to wait a while for facial hair, but my voice is the only thing that is relatively feminine, so I am glad it is the first change I will witness.

No matter what happens next, on this amazing journey I am on, I cannot wait to share it with all of you. I am ready for one wild ride!

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