I can’t stand Obama. I think Joe Biden is a poor excuse for a politician. Plagiarists don’t sit well with writers, even if I’m only writing until I can get through film school. I don’t think Obama can change anything. I don’t think he has the skill to fix jack shit. He can’t fix what Bush has done and he’s the most inexperienced presidential candidate ever second only to Bush.

But….I hate Sarah Palin. I don’t mean I dislike her. I HATE that stupid bitch. I cannot stand her. She is the biggest hypocrite on the planet. John McCain made a huge mistake in picking her as his running mate. He wanted the “Hillary” supporters and the Evangelicals all in one vote, but seriously, he’s about to alienate both groups thanks to choosing this woman.

I agree that USUALLY a politician’s kids should be off limits, but:

-When a person is trying to force “beliefs” on a nation that do not even work in her own home she is a fuckin’ hypocrite

-Bristol Palin is 17, pregnant and not married – Sarah Palin believes ONLY in abstinence. She wants to remove the teaching about birth control from public schools. Birth control could have HELPED Bristol had she believed in it. Heck, what about condoms? What about AIDS? Shouldn’t kids know to protect themselves?

-Her daughter is also an underage drinker and there are pictures to prove it. How does that sit well with “Republican family values”?

Likewise, Palin wants to censor entertainment, especially books. She wants to ban certain books. How can you ban people from reading? That’s bullshit. Shouldn’t we be encouraging people, especially kids, to read? Maybe if Bristol was busy reading she wouldn’t be off getting knocked up. Just a thought.

She also wants to force creationism into science books and possibly remove evolution. Evolution has NEVER been proven to be wrong. It might not be 100% proven to be true. That’s why its called the “Evolution Theory”. It’s a highly supported theory. No proof has proved it wrong. EVER. All evidence found as of now, in the many years since Darwin lived points to the theory being correct. In fact, it is one of the most thoroughly supported scientific theories EVER.

Creationism has never been proven. Creationism isn’t even a theory. It’s a belief system put into place by a minority of Christians. The only support for it is “faith”. In faith, there is no scientific proof. It isn’t even an educated guess. It’s just believing in something that you can’t see because you want to believe it.

That has NO ROOM being taught in SCIENCE class. SCIENCE is based on facts or proving things that could be backed up factually. Now don’t get me wrong, but unless Jesus and his Heavenly Father sweeps down to speak to all on Earth as a collective whole (even the non-Christians) telling them “Yes, I created all of you”, which has never, ever happened, EVER according to history, there is no way of proving that creationism could be or is real.

Furthermore, though I homeschool my son, I do use books that public schools generally use. I refuse to teach my son something that cannot be proven except by a faith that is not mine. I feel that if parents want to teach their children about creationism, they can do it at home and/or at church. It has no place in public education.

Sarah Palin is less experienced than Obama. What if McCain has another bout of cancer and dies? Do you want a woman who obviously has NO experience save for being the mayor of Podunk, Alaska and a half term Governor running this country? I sure as heck don’t.

Sarah Palin should be at home raising her kids. She’s obviously needed there if her daughter can’t stay out of trouble enough to get pregnant and drunk. She also has a child with Down Syndrome. Does her hubby take care of him or are there nannies? Raising a disabled child can be a full time job. TRUST ME. I know first hand.

I am all for women having careers if they can, but any parent, mother or not has an obligation first to those lives she/he creates. Otherwise, she shouldn’t be creating those lives. If they need mom and/or dad at home then the parent must sacrifice their overachieving aspirations if it is better for their child. It’s NOT fair to bring a child into the world and then go be Governor leaving the kids on their own. It sucks for the kids and makes sure they have no positive rolemodels.

Family values my ass!

So, what’s a person to do? I dislike and disagree with Obama doing anything to help this country, but I feel he cannot mess it up more. I don’t believe he can fix it. I feel with him we’ll have another eight years of status quo.

With the McCain/Palin ticket, I feel we’re looking at worse censorship than the George Dubya Bush era. That’s pathetic and scary.

I don’t believe in NOT voting. I was a political science minor for crap’s sake. I just wish Hillary was running or at least going to be vice president. I feel Obama made a huge mistake in not picking her. Biden sucks. I feel like I’m going to be forced to do something I dislike strongly and for what? Eight more years of no change.

Both choices SUCK…but McCain/Palin sucks worse. I hate this decision I have to make.

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