I’m going to start podcasting here at DominickEvans.com. It’s about time I actually expressed my thoughts and opinions in a more productive way. I believe podcasting will be an excellent outlet. I am very excited about this new endeavor and I hope you all will join me for the ride.

I plan to podcast on both politics and religion. I had considered podcasting on sports, but I feel that I’m more passionate about the topics of politics and religion in a broader sense. Besides…I might make a few people mad if all I do is podcast about how much I love the U of M Wolverines!

When it comes to politics, I plan to express my thoughts as an educated individual with a plethora of political science knowledge under my belt. I minored in Political Science my first go around at college, prior to having to drop out my senior year, due to a tibial fracture. I have the knowledge and debates led by Profs. December Green, Liam Anderson, and Laura Luehrmann to thank for all of my political knowledge.

Prof. Green taught me a lot about international politics, especially those in relation to human rights throughout Africa and the world. I highly recommend taking a class with her if you ever go to school in Dayton. Prof. Anderson also taught about International Politics and he taught me about the horrors of genocide and what role politics play in policing the world. Then there is Professor Luehrmann, who was an incredibly hard, but fair teacher. Her Modern Political Ideologies class taught me about socialism, Marxist thought, fascism and many other concepts I often discuss with others.

Through my political podcasts I’d like to explain the different ideological standpoints. There has been a lot of confusion about what socialism, fascism, and communism are, especially with the upcoming election knocking on our doors. I’d also like to share my thoughts on politics in the United States and the beliefs of our Forefathers when they were molding this great nation.

When it comes to religion, I don’t plan to preach. I merely plan to explain about my religious beliefs, so that people can understand what I believe and why. I am a Hellenic Reconstructionist. For the first time in my life, I’ve felt passionate about my religion. I want people to know about why I’m so passionate. My religion does not believe in converting others towards my way of thinking. It is more philosophical and works towards explaining more about how the world works.

I would like people to know that Hellenic Reconstructionism is a real, living religion and let my readers/listeners understand why people like me believe in it. I believe everyone is entitled to follow their own religious path and believe in their own religious beliefs. That’s what’s so wonderful about the U.S. Constitution. Freedom of Religion should truly and irrevocably be upheld.

So, I invite you to tune in soon and listen. I don’t care if I have a higher pitched voice. That’s just who I am. I hope you enjoy my podcasts and learning about all of the things I’m anxious to share.

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