Burton, Michigan – October 29, 2008: Muscular Dystrophy Patients United is announcing its second annual Winter Holidays Adoption Program. This program is specifically for families who have children with Muscular Dystrophy. Last year, MDP United was able to assist three families and this year the organization hopes to help between five and ten. MDP United has found low income, struggling families with children who have Muscular Dystrophy. With soaring medical costs and extended needs that go beyond the care of the average child, many of these families just don’t have the extra money to provide their children with an amazing holiday.

This year, MDP United will be listing between 5-10 families on their website in the coming weeks. Volunteers can adopt a family to help provide the family with presents. Each child in the family will have a wish list, of what they want for the winter holiday they celebrate this year. With the cost of living so high for everyone, families with disabled children are truly struggling and assistance during the holiday season is especially important.

While the child with the disability is the only required adoptee, siblings will also have their wish lists posted. MDP United would love for multiple volunteers to adopt one family, so that each child in the family gets the wish they truly want this year. Additionally, parents will be given the option of listing 2-3 stores where they would like gift cards, to help purchase more presents or necessities for themselves and their children this holiday season.

If you would like to volunteer and adopt a family, please email Dominick. Also, you can check back regularly to find a list of our wish children, who you can adopt this year. As always, you can donate money to MDP United through Paypal and the organization can purchase the presents for you. A list of volunteers will be displayed on our main homepage, in thanks for their donations.

About MDP United:
Muscular Dystrophy Patients United (MDP United) was founded by Dominick Evans who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. As a former ambassador for another MD organization and a patient dealing with every day disability issues, Dominick understands exactly what individuals with Muscular Dystrophy go through on a daily basis. The other organizations, while they are able to help in their own way, do not provide all of the services those with Muscular Dystrophy need to live healthy, happy, and productive lives.

The main goal of MDP United is to provide support, services, education, and information about Muscular Dystrophy and all of the diseases that fall within its boundaries that are not available anywhere else. In the United States, resources are limited, and yet equipment, specialty medical services, and other necessary programs simply are not available. Through MDP fundraisers, awareness of these diseases can and will be established and money can be made for services.

Every day, people who need wheelchairs go without them. They go without much needed equipment like Hoyer lifts, van lifts, hospital beds, and wheelchair ramps. They may fall through a loophole and be denied the funding they need by government agencies. That is where MDP United one day hopes to step in. If a medical need has been established for the equipment, other funding sources have been exhausted, and the patient has one of the 40+ neuromuscular diseases covered under the umbrella term, Muscular Dystrophy, then he or she will qualify for MDP United services.

The goal of MDP United is to bring back the dignity, respect, and hope for those that are living their lives with a neuromuscular disease. It is our hope that we will soon have the funds to serve the entire United States so that the goal of MDP United and our wonderful resources can be spread throughout the nation.

For more information, please check out the MDP United Website.

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