We celebrated Halloween on Friday and Saturday. CT is 13, so this is the first year he didn’t go out trick or treating. On Friday night, he stood in the doorway of my bedroom and said, “I guess trick or treating is over.”

I said to him, “Yes, CT. It ended about three hours ago.”

To which he replied, “I meant for me. Forever. Trick or treating is over for me forever.”

He was so forlorn, so I told him being older meant he might get to go to fun Halloween parties and when he’s older he still might dress up. This made him feel better.

I can’t believe I spent nearly two days completely offline. I feel out of it and sluggish towards getting back into the groove of things. CT watched horror movies for the first time. He always thought he’d be afraid (his mom is a huge horror buff), but he thought they were fun when he finally sat down and watched some of them with us.

We watched Pet Semetary, Pet Semetary II, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Child’s Play, and then we watched some movies we had to review, Tinker Bell and Get Smart. Of course, it wasn’t Halloween without watching It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I’m pretty sure CT knows the whole movie by heart.

We happened to receive two boxes full of board games to review for our website, LI Kids. I’m not a huge fan of board games, but I muddled through a game of Monopoly World Edition and our own version of Trivial Pursuit. Then, on Saturday, Ash and I played against one another at Don’t Forget the Lyrics. She won, but not by much. The Rhythm and Blues and Country categories held me back!

CT and his Nana made black (chocolate) cupcakes with dark frosting and we decorated them. He iced his first cupcakes and Ash helped me ice some, too. I also decorated mine with minimal sprinkles (while CT doused his). He ate more than one of them, too. With his 14th birthday on Wednesday, he said he wants more of these cupcakes. We already bought him his birthday presents. They include a funky, high-tech transforming robot, some new pjs and some other cool stuff he’s going to really like.

I drew a funky face on our pumpkin. Ash had to draw the mouth, but I told her how to do it. We gave our pumpkin fangs. He’s a vampire pumpkin. Ash carved him all up, then CT (wearing gloves) touched his first batch of pumpkin goop! I actually convinced him to take off the rubber gloves long enough to touch it, which was surprisingly not as gross as he thought it’d be.

So, all in all, Halloween was a success. What did you do for Halloween and how did you and your family celebrate?

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