I was tagged by Leah Dossey of Creative Wisdom from Blue Leaf Creative. The point is to link up with other bloggers and have them link up with you. The rules are pretty simple from what I am to understand.

Step #1 – Link to the person who tagged you. I already linked to Leah and her blog in the first sentence I wrote, but I’ll happily do it again, right here.

Step #2 – Write Five Fun/Interesting Facts about yourself. This gives fellow bloggers (and your readership) a chance to actually get to know you better.

Step #3 – Tag Six Other People and link to their blogs. Then let them know you’ve tagged them by twittering them or leaving a comment on their blog.

The process repeats and people get links and forge new friendships, all while learning about one another!

Sounds pretty easy right?

Five Fun Facts about Dominick Evans

1. When Changing My Name, I had a hard time settling on Middle Names: The only thing about my birth name that I kept the same was the fact that I had two middle names. Getting the exact and right combination for my two “new” middle names was hard. I tried several versions of the two names, before I finally settled on Matthaios Antony.

2. I have crooked pinkies. A genetic mutation in my family that skips certain generations gave me crooked pinkies. Mine stick out almost at a 45 degree angle mid-pinky. My maternal grandmother has crooked pinkies, too, but mine are by far the most crooked and distinctive in our family. People has “assumed” this was caused by my muscle disease, but this actually has nothing to do with my SMA at all. I believe it might just be a recessive trait.

3. My dream college is the University of Michigan. I always wanted to go to the U of M. I even visited the campus when I was in high school. However, coming from a relatively poor household and knowing the state of Ohio would only pay for me to go to college in my home state (since Ohio has a wheelchair accessible school – Wright State), I had to push that dream out of my mind. Well, now that I live in Michigan, I might just get to finish up my degree at my dream school.

4. I’m obsessed with fast wheelchairs. I get really upset at the prospect of having to get a slow wheelchair. I admit I have a bit of a speed problem when it comes to choosing a wheelchair. When nobody is around me, I like to let loose and fly with the wind. I might just be a biker if I could walk, after all. Seriously though. I love to go fast and can’t stand the fact that insurance usually likes to pay for slow chairs. Luckily, my wheelchair guy knows I’m a speed-a-holic and hooks me up!

5. My dad’s grandparents were born in Poland. My dad was a second generation American with 100% Polish heritage (makes me half Polish). He grew up in Toledo’s old Polish village. He spoke both Polish and Latin fluently (attended Polish mass and Polish was spoken at his school) and could sing in both languages. While most of my extended family spoke/speaks Polish, my dad’s kids (myself included) were never taught. I know very limited Polish from what little I used to hear him speak.

By contrast, my other grandfather’s last name is Ryan (making him quite a bit Irish and a little Swiss). The maternal side of my family had been in the U.S. since colonial days and before with famous colonial names in my family including McKean and Ogle.

*FYI – My birth last name is very Polish and nine letters long. Ever wonder why I chose the last name Evans? This frequent mispronunciation and hard to spell name is why!

Now on to the fun part.

Here are the six people I’m tagging!

1. Ashtyn Evans (http://www.ashtynevans.com)
2. Keith Burtis (http://magicwoodworks.com/blog/)
3. Kara Sheridan (http://karasheridan.com/)
4. Chris Brogan (http://www.chrisbrogan.com)
5. Bob Rodkin (http://bobrodkin.blogspot.com/)
6. Guy Kawasaki (http://www.alltop.com) – I know its not a blog but you still have to check Guy and All Top out!

Can’t wait to see what those I’ve tagged have to share!

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