I spoke a bit about my plans for the next year, but I really wasn’t as specific as I would like to be in my goals for the new year. I thought maybe if I listed them, a la, the new year’s resolution style of thinking, I could reflect back on what I’ve accomplished throughout the year.

Here is a list of the things I’d like to do and change about myself in the coming year, and I’ve also listed some personal project goals:

1. Eat More Healthy – I like food, there is no hiding it, but I don’t have to eat junk. The less junk I eat, the better I feel. I’d like to go almost 100% homemade/no box, this year and try to lose some weight in the process.

2. Get a makeover – I need to cut my hair more often, and keep it short and nice. Right now it’s kind of scruffy. I need to start dressing better. I have good taste, so maybe I’ll feature my clothes makeover in a set of posts sometime later this year.

3. Get on Testosterone – This is the big one for me. It’s about time I get on T.

4. Attempt to finish the AM screenplay I’ve been destined to write. I’m buckling down in the new year, and getting stuff done on this front.

5. Finish telling my story – I need to finish writing it because it’s one people need to read.

6. Write more on areas where I have expertise. I know a lot about SEO, writing, freelancing, working at home, and a wide variety of other topics that can benefit others who are looking to begin a career from home.

7. Update all my blogs regularly or semi-regularly – I have way too many good projects going on. Now is the time to implement them all.

So, what is your resolution this New Year? What do you want to change about your life and do you plan to chronicle your changes through your blog through 2009?

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