Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 28. It’s hard to believe and I’m beginning to wonder where my 20s went, as I approach my third decade of life on this Earth. I’m very grateful I’ve been here this long, but I feel that I’ve let life pass me by in some respects. Luckily, 2009 is the start of new beginnings for me.

Before I talk about my birthday, I just want to say how absolutely excited I am about the upcoming reviews I’ll be doing here at Dominick Evans Online. The reception about my makeover has been quite good. I’ll be having a chance to work with a variety of clothing and lifestyle companies, including Gillette. Stay tuned for this part of my blog, as I make myself over, in all the right ways!

Back to my birthday. I spent two days offline. It was great! That’s not to say I didn’t miss all the people I’m used to talking with each day on Twitter or through my blog. It was just nice to relax. I received Fable II for Christmas and I spent several hours playing it on my birthday. What a fun game! I’ve really been enjoying it and the graphics totally rock!

I also spent time with Ashtyn and we had the most delicious dinner. As the birthday boy, I had the chance to choose the meal. We had delectable, juicy, absolutely delicious, organic lamb roast. It was roasted with rosemary, lemon juice and other mouthwatering herbs. It was the best lamb I’ve ever tasted. I don’t get why people don’t like lamb. This was so good!

Sylvia (my mother in law) made delicious Greek-style potatoes. Her two best friends were born in Greece. They gave her the recipe. She’s been making them for years now and they are so delicious. They have lemon juice, herbs, and some sort of chicken broth or bouillon that is used. Her friends go back to Greece every year, so this is one of the authentic recipes they eat in Greece. As a potato connoisseur, and a lover of anything Greek, I am in love with these potatoes.

After enjoying this delicious dinner, I watched movies. I really enjoyed Eagle Eye, which is going to be released on DVD soon (I’ll be featuring a review of it on in the next few days). Overall, it was a really amazing day!

P.S. We’ll be using the leftover lamb for homemade Gyros this weekend!

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