This is the first review as a part of my makeover series! What a way to start my 2009 makeover then with the deliciously scented, Gillette Body Wash!

Gillette Body Wash

I sometimes find it hard to find body wash that not only smells good, but also is kind to my skin. I have sensitive skin so the abrasiveness of soap or body wash is always a factor in whether or not I will buy a product. Living in Michigan, especially in the winter, means that I am prone to extremely dry skin. I like the fact that the Gillette Dry Skin Hydrator + Body Wash works with all of the skin issues that I face.

My experience with Gillette products goes about as far as their age old slogan, “The Best a Man can Get.” However, I welcomed the chance to review this and the other products that were available to me because Gillette is one of the leading men’s brands on the market for things that fall under the realm of health and beauty.

Prior to trying this Gillette body wash out, I was a supporter and user of Axe body wash. Of course, after my experience with Gillette I just might end up changing brands, because Gillette has impressed me that much. One of the things that I like the most about Gillette is the price. Depending on where you buy this body wash you can pick up a 12 oz bottle for between $3 and $5. The Axe body wash is the same size, but it tends to cost about 50 cents more per bottle.

Originally, I thought that the various scents that body washes like Axe offer would be a better benefit, however, I enjoyed the strong masculine scent of the Gillette body wash even more. This only applies to the specific body wash I received (Gillette Dry Skin Hydrator + Body Wash). Since there are other types of body wash, I am not sure if the scents are different. The other types include Gentle Clean Shampoo + Body Wash and Oil Control Face Wash + Body Wash. The scent for the Dry Skin Hydrator ends up being much stronger on the skin than Axe or other male options for body products. So, I smell of Gillette for longer than I have when using these other brands!

While I often feel clean when I use other products I do not always notice the clean scent or the scent of the body wash in the same way as I did after using Gillette. I can smell the pleasing scent of the body wash on my skin and that’s what I want in a body wash. In fact, it was strong enough for me to go without cologne and still manage to smell pretty good.

The Gillette Dry Skin Hydrator + Body Wash was perfect for me because my skin is not only sensitive, but it has a tendency to be quite itchy sometimes. The Hydrator generates plenty of lather and according to the bottle, it includes three times the hydrators of other national brands. All I know is that when I used it my skin ended up feeling much smoother and itching wasn’t an issue that immediately troubled me after bathing.

I suspect, just based on the feel that the more this is used the less itching will be a problem for me and that makes this an incredibly useful product. Of course, if dry skin is not a problem of yours you might look to the 2-in-1 shampoo/body wash or face wash/body wash instead. Both seem to be priced similarly to the Gillette Dry Skin Hydrator + Body Wash, and I’m assuming they smell nearly as good.

I highly recommend Gillette Body Wash. While I had never used it before this review, it is certainly something I will be purchasing in the future. The bottle is relatively inexpensive, it lasts a long time as a little goes a long way, and it smells great. I would have bought it for these reasons alone, but the fact that it helps with issues of dry skin and relieving itching is an added bonuses that I won’t complain about.

You can find Gillette products just about anywhere that you shop for men’s body products. Most discount and drug stores should have them, as well as a number of online shopping venues such as Considering the range of prices that I have found for Gillette Body Wash, you might want to shop around a bit as it could save you a dollar or more. Other than that, I highly recommend you pick up one of the three versions of Gillette Body Wash the next time you are shopping for yourself or the men in your life.

When it comes to Body Wash Gillette truly is the best a man can get!

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