One thing I’m getting kind of peevish about is hearing about this “agenda” those in the LGBTQIA community have. We constantly hear “gay agenda” this and “LGBTQIA agenda” that. Really, if there was an agenda, wouldn’t all of us fitting in this alphabet soup of a community get the pamphlet, memo, or letter in the mail recruiting us to join the gay agenda cause?


The latest was some guy on Twitter running his mouth about Glenn Beck. Supposedly Beck compared the “Gay Agenda” to the “Muslim Agenda” with a primary goal of taking down Christianity. I know many a gay Christian. In fact, the majority of religious gays and trans folk I know are indeed Christians. So, why would they want to take down a group they belong to? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Also, I don’t want to take down Christianity. I just don’t want Christian dogma shoved down my throat. I want to be able to practice the religion of my choice without fear of oppression or hatred. I have family and friends who are Christians who respect this and I love them dearly.

Since I have no idea what this agenda that I am supposed to have is, I thought I’d tell you about my day today. Perhaps if we put all our heads together we can figure out what my agenda is, against the world, since I am transgender and therefore complete the T in GLBT.

So, without further ado, my family’s day:

Ash woke up at 9 AM. CT was up. She gave him his medicine (no not his gay agenda brainwashing meds – he is autistic, and has Bi Polar and ADHD). She made him breakfast, helped him pick out his clothes, and he got dressed. He also brushed his teeth and combed his hair.

I woke up around 11:30. Ash started CT’s Life Skills/Health Class. He did a selection of worksheets including:

Homework Worksheet: Study Guide B
Homework Worksheet: Word Bank
Homework Worksheet: Achieve Your Dreams
Reteach Worksheet: Life in Balance
Reteach Worksheet: Are You a Good Manager
Reteach Worksheet: Getting a Handle on Life
Activities Worksheet: Can Neat and Messy Get Along?
Activities Worksheet: How Stress Affects Relationships

He also did his Chapter Review (Vocab and Key Concepts) in his Glencoe Life Skills 2010 book. He has his Chapter test tomorrow and he’ll start the following chapter after his test.

While Ash was teaching, I was getting a copy of An Episode Under the Terror and The Executioner, both by De Balzac. Earlier this week, he read The Mysterious Mansion by De Balzac, in his Classic Horror Stories textbook from Glencoe. I read through both stories and made up an accompanying worksheet for An Episode Under the Terror. Once I was done with that. I got to work reviewing movies for my website LI Reviews.

We ate lunch after CT finished his first subject. I had egg salad on fresh rosemary bread, kalamata olives, and fresh salsa and chips. It was a GOOD meal. CT went into the living room to read a book, watch TV, and play with the dog. His choice of entertainment was his grandmother’s soap operas, unfortunately for him.

Ash did some leg massage and exercises on my legs and hip. Then she took a shower. After her shower she taught the Horror Classics Stories Class. CT was given a homework assignment relating to the original De Balzac story. It is a writing assignment due in a week. As they did schoolwork, I worked on our websites, resized pictures and the like.

Then I went on Facebook to check my farm and say hi to friends. After that, I headed over to Twitter for the Glenn Beck rant fest. The son is now tucked in bed. We ate dinner (andouille sausage, spinach and a salad), he took his bath, and he brushed his teeth. He took his night meds and it is slumber time for him. So, here I am writing this blog post.

Does it sound like I (and my family) have an agenda? No…we are just average joes living our lives…AS A FAMILY.

Tomorrow, we’ll do it all over again only this time it is Algebra and Life Skills.

So, that is the LGBTQIA agenda.

IF there is any LGBTQIA agenda or gay agenda, it’s simple: to have what we need to survive, and to live in peace.


So, Glenn Beck, put that in your pipe…and smoke it.

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