I was a young teenager when the MTV television show, Beavis & Butthead was popular. I had quite the attitude in those days and the humor of Mike Judge spoke to me in a way few others could. I mean, this is the kind of humor that inspired the likes of Daria, who I found far more relatable to myself than either Beavis or Butthead…I loved it. I relished it. Of course, my parents didn’t get it, nor do I think they fully comprehended the humor associated with the cartoon.

In the top pane, is Beavis and Butthead sitting on their red couch. The lower pane shows photos of Benedict Cumberbatch and Neil Patrick Harris. In yellow text at the bottom, it says Dear Hollywood,  make this happen.

My mother told my grandfather about my love for Beavis and Butthead, and being the awesome grandfather he was, he approved. My grandfather was born in 1918. He never watched MTV in his life. I’m not sure he would have exactly approved of the crude humor associated with the cartoon, but man did he love their name! Whenever I saw him, he brought up my favorite duo, who he affectionately referred to as “Beavis and Buttface.” I found this too hilarious, and I’m not sure I ever attempted to correct him. I had no idea how deep his support for my love of Beavis and Butthead was, until the holidays, when I received a VHS copy of Beavis and Butthead Do America from him. I should note, this was something my mother said she would not buy for me due to “mature content.”

My grandfather was so proud that he bought me that video. He brought it up often, even reminding me when I was older, about my love for the show. He never forgot about “Beavis and Buttface,” even though he had never used a VCR for himself, at the time. I have nothing but fond memories about the entire experience, and having him give me the video is something I will never ever forget.

I was recently reminded of these very happy memories by a meme I saw on social media. In the meme, a picture of Beavis and Butthead shows Bendidict Cumberbatch who looks remarkably like Butthead, and Neil Patrick Harris, who if he grew his hair out, could be the perfect Beavis. The meme is hilarious, which is why I included it, so you can see it for yourself, but I have to say it’s the perfect casting.

I would definitely go see a live-action Beavis and Butthead movie, especially with those actors in the titular roles. I am also grateful that such a simple image was able to provoke vivid, warm, happy memories for me. Would my grandfather approve of the casting? He died in 2013, so we’ll never know. What we do know is…we simply cannot forget to call them Beavis and Buttface. In my grandfather’s world, that was apparently their names.