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Condoning the Death of Others – It’s not okay!

We see Chik-Fil-A condoning the death of LGBT people, by giving to the Family Research Council. We see politicians holding signs of the president with a spike through him. We should NEVER condoning the killing of another, just because we disagree with them on a fundamental or political level. Unless they are a serial killer or a child murderer (pedophile), I do not condone seeking death, for anyone.

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We Are as One – My Unity Post

Midway through election night, I had the distinct honor of joining a great group of people; new friends and Obama supporters. Keith Burtis, an artist on my Twitter, invited those on his list to a live blog, chatting event at the Yes but No but Yes web blog. Since I…

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Podcasting on Politics on Religion

I’m going to start podcasting here at It’s about time I actually expressed my thoughts and opinions in a more productive way. I believe podcasting will be an excellent outlet. I am very excited about this new endeavor and I hope you all will join me for the ride….

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It’s Dominick Not Dominique…

I got a political call today and the woman asked to talk to Dominick. I told her, that was me and she said, “uhm this is Dominick?” So, I said, “Yeah, this is Dominick.” Her reply was, “Ok, Dominique not Dominick.” And I said, “No, this is Dominick.” She paused…