I have been wanting to have this rant for a while. I went to the Chik-Fil-A FB group, “I Support Chik-Fil-A” and posted, very respectfully, on numerous posts claiming it is an issue of free speech, that the real issue here is Chik-Fil-A donating millions of dollars to hate groups. Not only that, but some of those groups actually want to kill homosexuals, export LGBT people and even arrest them for being who they are. The killing part, especially, gives me chills.

Every time a person bites into a Chik-Fil-A chicken sammy, they are saying, whether they realize it or not, I condone Chik-Fil-A donating millions for hate, and by extension, I condone them giving money to groups that want to kill LGBT people. As such, these people condone killing other human beings by supporting the business supporting the cause. It isn’t just Chik-Fil-A, though. It is our entire society, embroiled in politics, which condones the death of others. I’ve heard it on both sides. They wish this person or that person was dead or find it funny to carry around signs with a politician with wounds, blood dripping, or even depicted in a noose.

Since 2009, Michigan councilman, Paul Smith, has been attending rallies for the Tea Party. That’s his constitutional right. What isn’t right is that he has created posters of President Obama, former governor Jennifer Granholm (of Michigan, I’m not a huge fan of hers, personally), and even Nancy Pelosi. The guy has been asked to resign by his council because those pictures contain their head, on spikes, with blood dripping from them.

It is good that the Sterling Heights council recognizes how terrible these signs are. Some on the left, especially the left fringe, have said they wish Conservatives were dead, too. My worry is why is this trend acceptable? Hate speech is not supposed to be protected by the First Amendment, and this is hate speech at its “best”. While the council is kicking him off, there are plenty of Americans who hate Obama so much, they wish he was dead. He is a human being. He is flesh and blood. Wishing him dead is shameful, just because you disagree with his policies. I am terrified of Mitt Romney and yet I do not wish him dead.

This brings me back to the Chik-Fil-A thing. I was very polite and non-confrontational in my posts on I Support Chik-Fil-A. A day later, every post had been deleted. I am nowhere to be found on their forum. Is it because they do not want anyone to know it is not about free speech? Is it that they do not care if Chik-Fil-A condones the death of others by supporting groups like the Family Research Council? Why are we so willing not to let the truth be known?

I write about Chik-Fil-A and will continue to do so because I seek to educate people on what the truth is behind this issue. I want them to know the “true” reason behind why we’ve stopped eating at Chik-Fil-A. I went to that forum to enlighten their supporters on where their money is going. I want them to know their money is going to support killing other human beings. Maybe it is because I hope that if they have a shred of humanity left, they will, at the very least, understand our need to protest and at best, stop giving their money to any place that condones murder of innocent human beings. We are trying to make a statement that it is not okay to SEEK the DEATH of anyone innocent, regardless of who they are, because as humans, we should have love for all of humanity – even those who we do not agree with politically or fundamentally.

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