You know, I am an avid supporter of voting. People need to get out and vote. Regardless of what party you vote for, voting is one of those rights you don’t want to abuse. While I believe the political system in this country needs to be reformed, and the electoral vote needs to have less say in the election (let the people say who they want to vote for, not the electoral college), I also believe that by not voting, when a dimwitted dunderhead (like Bush) gets elected, you have absolutely no room to complain if you didn’t vote.

The problem is, many people see no point in voting. They have this entire idea that their vote doesn’t count or matter. Typically (as it should be), the electoral college votes for who they believe those in their state will vote for, and that is why most of the time, the popular vote and the electoral vote are the same. Only on rare occasions, or cheating elections, has the electoral college voted otherwise. For example, Al Gore was denied his right to the presidency, despite winning the popular vote. That usually doesn’t happen in elections.

I understand the voting process isn’t perfect. I feel it when people believe their vote is so small that it doesn’t count, but save for the presidency, all other offices are decided by the people. The presidency is decided through the electoral college based off the popular vote, so all of those people that decide not to vote have little say in what the electoral college does.

So, in truth, you do have a say. You need to exercise your right to vote on November 4, 2008. It doesn’t matter who you vote for (it does, but I’m not saying you have to agree with my choice to vote), just make sure you vote for someone!

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