Well, I finally had the chance to have my required therapy. It’s been a long time in the coming. I was mainly unable to have therapy due to transportation issues. I finally found a therapist willing to work with me over the phone. In order to legally change your gender, you have to go through at least three months of psychological evaluations/therapy to make sure you aren’t cuckoo. Well, I am not overly worried about the outcome of my therapy.

I mean, I’ve been living as Dominick for seven years. I don’t hide it. Everyone knows me as Dominick. If I ever get called my old name, I have to remind myself that I used to be that person and that people are talking to me. It’s a very ethereal, out of body type of experience. It’s almost existential in nature.

Well, now I have to go meet my therapist. He’s in Rochester Hills, and I’m trying like hell to get a ride. He meets me in person and determines whether I get my script for Testosterone or not. If I do, then I head to Detroit with him to meet with my doctor/surgeon. He’ll be handling all the endocrinologist functions and performing the 10 or more surgeries I need to finish having. So long as I have my lab work done and sent to him (no problem there) prior to my meeting with him, I can get my script for T right then and there. I think that’ll be one of the most emotional parts of the transition right there. It’s been so long in the coming, I’m ready for this!

I’m also involved in the mumbo jumbo of changing my name. They charge an arm and a leg for it, and it pisses me off, but it’s worth the money to legally be known as Dominick forever and ever. I’m excited about finally getting to court and handling that, because it’s about darn time. The main thing holding me back before was money, but due to the fact that it looks good to the doctor who will give me my injections script to have that underway (it shows how serious I am about this transition), I am more than willing to finish this procedure up.

Well, after I get my script for Testosterone I’ll know if I’m on weekly, biweekly or monthly injections. I’ve already started lifting weights as I don’t want the T to add more fat. I can’t lift much, but anything is better than nothing. My Physical Therapist is trying to get me a hand bike to get function back in my arms, so that will also help. I also will be keeping my diet the same, because the T will make me hungry, and I refuse to eat more and gain more weight. My metabolism boost should actually burn weight for me, if I do that, so that’s what I’m hoping will happen.

The T will redistribute my weight around my body, which will give me a more solid appearance. I’ll also have facial hair growing within a few months and my voice will be dropping. Those are the two things I’m the most excited about. Right now, people are only confused if I speak. I look about as masculine as it gets minus what the facial hair will do for me. My therapist says the voice drop is going to be the thing that makes it so there is no question anymore.

My bones will strengthen as they thicken (a major bonus because mine are very brittle and weak) and my skin will toughen up. There are other changes, but those are the main ones.

So, everything rests on me getting a way/ride to Rochester Hills. Wish me luck because I’m going to need it!

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