I have been a bit incommunicado on my blog. It hasn’t been from lack of things to say. I was infected with a nasty virus, which I then spread on to nearly every other member of my family. Wasn’t that nice of me?

When I wasn’t sleeping, I spent the day watching old episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess unable to do much more other than staring at the screen and drooling mindlessly. Well, I’m better, so I’m going to talk about the big debate we’ve been having in our house; Whether to move to Detroit or Ann Arbor.

There are Pros and Cons to both places. The Pros outweigh the Cons, of course. Sure, any place is better than Genesee County though. We have to get out of this hell hole that offers absolutely no help or assistance to those of us with disabilities.

Ann Arbor is hip, liberal, and seems pretty fun. It’s also home to my dream university. The U of M. On the other hand, Detroit is a much bigger city. I’m an aspiring filmmaker and there are many more opportunities for filmmakers. There are also many, big name movies shot in the area, which is perfect for an aspiring filmmaker. Add in the fact that Ashtyn can do her college internship in Detroit, but wouldn’t have an opportunity for it in Ann Arbor.

There are disability options and services in both Detroit and Ann Arbor that aren’t available in Genesee County. Public transport is more readily available in both locations, as well. That means even if I don’t have someone to drive me places, I can get wherever I need to go whenever I want. That seems like just a dream right now.

The main advantage to Ann Arbor is having services very close by for our son. There are better services in Detroit than in Genesee County, for him, but the best services are in Ann Arbor. However, Detroit is closer to A2 than where we live right now, so it’d be an easier drive then the one Ash will soon be having to endure to get him better services.

So, whats a guy to do? Go to Detroit or to Ann Arbor? Detroit has less expensive homes, which means they will be easier to modify, thanks to the less money we’ll have to spend on the actual home. I’m going to have to weigh the pros and cons and decide which place is truly the best choice for us.

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