In 2002, I fell out of my shower chair and fractured my tibial plateau. I already have Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I had decent strength and could do a lot for myself, minus walking, dressing and bathing. I could sit up, move my arms, feed myself. Fast forward to today and I need help with nearly every physical thing. I cannot sit up on my hip due to pain. I have trouble staying in my wheelchair for long because I hurt so much.

While I have a progressive muscle disease, I have one of the milder forms. The lack of movement I faced as the result of my fracture led to immobility, which has sent me into a downward spiral into chronic pain. I’ve been through PT, medication and nothing has ever helped me like pharmaceutical marijuana. I had a friend, who out of the kindness of their heart, let me have some medical grade cannabis from a dispensary in one of the states where it is legal. For the month I took the tincture, I was much better. I could actually get out of bed and function. I could be moved without suffering. I didn’t smoke it. I cannot smoke cannabis because I’m allergic to smoke. I just put drops under my tongue. It was at a time where I was in so much pain, without this tincture I wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed.

I’ve been on oxy, vicodin, tylenol 3, tylenol 4, tylenol 4 with codeine, percocet, n-saids, muscle relaxers, tramadol. The n-saids caused bleeding ulcers. The muscle relaxers made it impossible for me to move. The vicodin didn’t work. Percocet did, but I felt weird when on it, as did oxy with the same reaction. Vicodin, oxy and morphine (which I’ve taken after surgery) all make me mean. Tylenol 3 didn’t work so well. Tylenol 4 with codeine worked for three years, but I stopped remembering things. I started having bouts of vertigo and nausea after taking it. Once I stopped taking it the symptoms went away. I tried retaking it, but it led back to more vertigo, so I had to quit it for good. It often ruined my voice and made my throat scratchy and I was irritable when it started wearing off. I’m now on tramadol, but it just takes the edge off so I can get out of bed. Every movement I make while in my wheelchair is painful. Without it, I could not get up, but it barely touches the long term pain, even when taking three or four a day. I have to pad my wheelchair with pillows and towels just to go out in public and make the pain tolerable.

All of these prescription drugs have affected my memory. I have horrible long and short term memory. Sometimes I forget what is told to me five minutes ago. When I was using tinctures, I was more aware, less foggy and actually stopped feeling pain. I need that, because some days I cannot even get out of bed. Chronic pain determines if I go to work or school. I miss many social events just to be more comfortable. I’d give anything for days with no pain because it is constant.

I recently read this article talking all about medical marijuana legislation coming to Ohio. I need your help. Share my story. Let people know medical marijuana does help. It’s the only thing that takes away my pain without horrible side effects. I need to go on living my life and you can help me by voting FOR medical marijuana in Ohio and in your state. You can help by signing petitions in support of this life changing medical treatment.

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