I have always been rather intuitive. I think that is why I was pushed to let my “psychic” abilities flow freely. You see, I grew up in the psychic community. The person who gave birth to me went to classes and officially “became a paid psychic” in the early 1990s. Many of her friends were big in the psychic community near our home and, so I had unlimited access to Psychics, Astrologers, Reiki Masters, Tarot Readers, and other mystical individuals.

At the time, I was interested in psychic phenomena because I had more than one “déjà vu” and weird, coincidental moment happen in my life. At this time, I relied less on science and fact then I do now, but I had an open mind and an open heart, which I cannot help but think was exposed to those who so desperately wanted me to believe everything they said.

a fanned out deck of tarot cards.

The first time I doubted what someone said was when I was getting a free reading from a psychic in relation to my past lives. I often had to tag along when psychic fairs and events were held, and during the psychics’ downtime they would give me free readings. When the woman started insisting I was living in a life I knew I didn’t live, something within me sent warning bells. Instinctively, I knew she was wrong. When I saw the psychic again and asked about that life, perhaps six or more months later, pretending it was my vision not hers, she told me I never had lived such a life. I must have been mistaken.

I wanted to believe that it was possible for some people to be psychic. I do think some people have an intuitive nature, like myself but I was pushed so much to “channel my energy” and make myself into something I didn’t want to be that I lost all sense of what I believed about the psychic community and no longer respected those within it. I respect Astrologers the most of all of those aforementioned mystical professions, but that is because I respect the science behind Astrology.

One of the most disheartening things for me is the fact that I know many (though I can’t speak for all psychics) make quite a bit of money and yet since their profession is not documented in most cases, they end up cheating the government out of money. To not claim this money, they have the ability to qualify for social security, disability, and even welfare. I know some psychics might say they do not do this, but trust me, I know more than one who does or has. This is not fair to the people who really have nothing and are denied entrance into these programs because these psychics are taking their money.

I now believe that a true psychic wouldn’t do it for the money and anyone who does is less believable than they claim. With all the scams they have uncovered, I truly hope that they do something to regulate psychic activity and make sure more people do not get hurt by the lies that are told just to make a buck or two.

This was originally posted on Literary Illusions in July of 2006.

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