Split debuts in theaters across the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain on January 20!

1. Write a blog post highlighting the problems with the ableism in the trailer for Split. Address the portrayal, and/or the cripping up by James McAvoy. You might want to highlight the dangers of treating people with DID like they are violent kidnappers/possible murderers.

Please share with @dominickevans any links to blog posts or articles about Split by January 18, so he can include it in resources being sent to the media around the time the film comes out.

2. Attend the Twitter Chat on January 14, hosted by #FilmDis and @DisVisibility, using the hashtags #FilmDis, #Split, and #ForgetSplit. For details on the chat: https://disabilityvisibilityproject.com/2017/01/05/114-filmdis-dvp-twitter-chat-on-split-mental-health/

3. Use the #ForgetSplit hashtag between now and January 20, and join us on Twitter throughout the 20th, when the film comes out, to protest.

4. Start a local protest. Show up on the 20th, or the weekend of the 20th at your local cinema. Contact Dominick with a time and location, so we can help promote your protest! If you are protesting elsewhere, consider mentioning Split, how media matters, and how it affects people with mental health disabilities, so others and become aware of the film and its problems!

5. Let @MNightShyamalan know why the film is so horrible to people with DID, and why this film provides such a harmful message about mental health, in general.

6. Join us for a call to discuss this call to action on January 13 @ 1 PM ET. Contact Dominick M. Evans if you want to join our call!

Use one of the pre–made Tweets below or make your own!

sad @MNightShyamalan doesn’t understand cripping up is WRONG and harmful to people w/ disabilities including MH disabilities #ForgetSplit

Join us on Jan 20 as we #ForgetSplit @MNightShyamalan’s latest film – a big harmful trope against people with Dissociative Identity Disorder

@MNightShyamalan’s latest film, Split, causes great harm to disabled people esp. those w/ MH. Join us in protest, Jan. 20 and #ForgetSplit

On Jan. 20, we are going to #ForgetSplit, because of the harmful messages it sends about those living with DID. #Split

Let @MNightShyamalan know it is NEVER okay to cast non-disabled actors as characters with disabilities, so you are going to #ForgetSplit

People with MH disabilities, psychiatric survivors are harmed by the portrayal of DID in #Split. On 1/20/17, make sure to #ForgetSplit


(Image credit to Alice Wong @DisVisibility, and the Disability Visibility Project)

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Aqua blue graphic with black text centered that reads: #FilmDis Twitter Chat “Split” & Mental Health Saturday, January 14, 2017 4 pm Pacific/ 7 pm Eastern Co-Hosts: Dominick Evans @dominickevans and Alice Wong @DisVisibility

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