Ashtyn and I sat down and made a list of television shows we’ll be watching this fall. CT is going to have one show that actually relates to his school since they filmed all over the world and it looks to be rather educational. He’s about as excited about Fall television as we are. I had a period where I didn’t watch much television. As I’ve been blogging and as I’ve come to review television shows for LI Reviews and LI Kids, I’ve developed an appreciation for the shows that actually are good.

Some of the new shows have already started and some of the returning shows are now on air.

Within this first week of Fall television I’ve come to realize the following things:

-Guys can be addicted to Gossip Girl, too
-The writing for GG is what makes it good
-Blair’s hot
90210‘s premiere wasn’t as great as expected
-the writing wasn’t solid, the dialogue sucked, and so did some of the young actors
-Next week’s 90210 looks more promising
Sons of Anarchy f’n rocks man!
-Katey Segal plays an evil bitch and I like her that way
-Jax kind of resembles Brad Pitt at certain moments
-The season premiere of Criminal Minds (Dexter/Grey’s/Eli Stone) can’t come fast enough
-The writer’s strike still sucks
Big Love should be on now!
-I can’t wait to watch Life on Mars (Eleventh Hour/True Blood/Sanctuary/Fringe/Crusoe)
-If the show has J.J. Abrams name attached to it, you watch it!
Lost won’t be on until mid-season. Boo!
-What happened to the CW?
-Some shows actually look decent (Privileged, Valentine, and Easy Money)
-If things don’t work out and Dexter kills you, you’re bound to become a Goddess in your next life!
-I need to watch Dancing with the Stars just once
-I want to see Chloris Leachman take down Susan Lucci
-I didn’t even know Chloris was still alive?
-I’m wondering if they’ll feel bad Susan didn’t win those 25 other best actress Emmy’s and give her the Dancing crown to make up for it?
-I hate soap operas!
-My mother in law loves them
-Especially All My Children
-She loves Susan Lucci
-She doesn’t have very good taste!

That’s about it for now. I’m looking forward to recapping some of the new shows out there.

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