(Written together with Ashtyn Law)

Amidst rumors that Bristol Palin could possibly be the mother of her little brother Trig, the Palins have stated that Sarah Palin is the mommy and have supported this claim by saying that:

A. Bristol Palin was out of school for the five months leading up to the birth of Trig due to mono not to give birth
B. Bristol is five months pregnant, meaning her child’s conception occurred before Trig was born

That brings up some interesting questions. First of all, if Bristol was sick with mono how could she have gotten pregnant? Mono is a highly infectious disease. Her parents kept her out of school, but let her go out long enough to get pregnant? Doesn’t that raise further questions about how effective the Palins are as parents? Additionally how was she able to get in a car accident and three traffic violations if she was sick at home with mono?

We’ve all seen the pictures of Bristol with young Trig in the hospital after he was born. This was a baby born prematurely. I wouldn’t let a sick person around any baby let alone one with special needs and possible complications from being born nearly a month prematurely. In these same pictures, Bristol does look tired and somewhat worn out. She also looks like she’s wearing an extra large sweatshirt to conceal her waist. Sarah Palin looks happy, thin, and incredibly perky for just having given birth. Of course, she didn’t seem to gain any weight to begin with, so maybe Trig hid in her kidney for those eight months?

Let’s not even get into the facts surrounding the birth. She hid her pregnancy until the seventh month. She supposedly flew home from Texas and gave birth 22 hours after her water broke. The airline crew didn’t even know she was pregnant, or even that she was about to give birth for that matter. Having given birth to a son who was supposedly born one month early she returned to work three days later. These do not seem to be the signs of a mother who has just given birth.

How do you explain the lack of gained weight? I saw her picture from her first pregnancy. She gained a lot. This time, she gained none, but Bristol looks pregnant in pictures taken just a month before Trig was born. She looks happy, and is with her family, despite being kept home with mono during this time. So, seriously, how did she get pregnant? Was Levi just so horny he decided to take the risk? Is Levi even really the father?

Who knows. Only the Palins and the doctor who delivered Trig truly know the truth. Until then, we can only speculate based on what facts are known.

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