Though many of the top U.S. bloggers, including internet ‘Rockstar’ Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker have made it clear that they support Republicans (he’s said he’s a big Bush fan), a slim few, including the self-proclaimed Internet Geek Girl, Stephanie Agresta seem to be thinking about the long term fiscal affects of having a Republican in the White House for another 4-8 years.

I should mention that as a major consensus, these pro-bloggers don’t typically discuss politics all that much (politics is a red herring), but on occasion their comments (or sometimes tweets) give away their true political intentions. I can certainly see why some bloggers might support Republicans. In the past 40 or so years (perhaps even longer), Republicans have largely given tax breaks to those making over $250,000. Most of these bloggers make well over that amount per year. What they don’t seem to be looking at is the long term effects of a Republican president in office.

We can all admit the economy sucks. Maybe not for these bloggers. It’s no slight against them. I’m impressed, enamored and inspired by how much money these bloggers make. They really are remarkable individuals. However, this economy could be better for everyone, regardless of how much they make.

Let’s look at a few facts.

From 1992-2001, gas prices rose from $1.06 to $1.46 (a 40 cent raise) – I can’t even imagine paying less than $2 for gas these days!

From 2001-June 2008 gas prices rose from $1.46 to $4.06 (a $2.60 raise) – This seems about accurate.

We currently have a $9,635,998,970,881.38 national debt as of today.

I’m not exactly sure of the statistics, but in the past eight years the price of all food products, in particular, bread, milk, and other food staples have increased drastically.

The economy is suffering. The unemployment rate is out of control. Economists are predicting we’re heading into a major recession. This doesn’t affect just a select group (though the poor and middle class are suffering worse). It affects everyone.

The way I see it is like this. When you’re making a lot of money, but everything costs 10 times more, are you really better off? Sure, you might save money on the tax breaks you get, but when the poor aren’t getting the same breaks, no new jobs are being created, and the economy is suffering, bloggers have to spend more money than they would if the economy was booming.

I’ve heard about the possibility of Internet taxes. Instead of raising taxes for people or making companies for the most part suffer with taxes, an internet tax could cause those who don’t have much money to have to give up their Internet access. Heck, the fact that many are so poor and food and gas costs are so high could eventually cause people to lose their Internet access anyway. This means less visitors/traffic to websites. Less traffic is equal to less money. Eventually, this problem will get to the blogger and affect them in some way.

Offline, isn’t it better for a person to spend $2 for a gallon of milk, as opposed to $4 for a gallon? Spending money for necessary items like food and gasoline means that any money that blogger makes is worth less. I would think that anyone making money would want to make the maximum and spend the least amount possible. With high inflation prices, the whole country suffers by having to spend more, and make more to see the same gain they would as when the economy is stable.

So, why are the top bloggers voting for McCain (or at least claim to be for the Republican party)? Is it because of the short term relief of tax breaks typically given to the wealthy by Republicans or something else?

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