Manufacturer: VTech
Model: VTech CS6129-31

Cordless phones are an absolute necessity for a person in a wheelchair. I could technically use a phone with a cord, though it’s much easier if I am prepared by having the phone with me while awake and on the charger when asleep. Prior to receiving this VTech for review we had another cordless phone, by Uniden that was the cause of much frustration. I could barely hear on the phone and the battery had to be constantly charged.

VTech 6129-31 Phone Product Image

I was so happy to receive the VTech CS6129-31 because the prior phone only had one handset and the reception was never good. It constantly sounded like static filled the line. It was a big pain and while I had been looking to replace it, phones can be expensive. I was hesitant to spend a lot of money on the model that would be my next phone, just in case that phone happened to be static filled, too! When Vtech offered to send a phone over for review, I looked at their DECT 6.0 line and opted for the CS6129-31.

For under one hundred dollars you’re not going to find a better phone. The reception is crystal clear and the range is decent. I have family out of state who constantly struggled to hear me on my old phone, but this one works like a charm. Of course, I don’t need to take my primary handset very far, because this comes with a total of three phones, so I can space them out around the house. Still, if I wanted I could take this all the way to my mailbox (across the street) and the reception is still decent. The VTech CS6129-31 easily allows me to hear and be heard.

The Vtech CS6129-31 is just a little bit bigger than the palm of my hand. This makes it perfect for my needs. I needed something that was lightweight and easy to manage so anything bigger or heavier would have been a problem for me. Not only does this fit with my health needs, it works fashion wise, too. The CS6129-31 is a sleek addition to my home. The phone itself is black and the base is metallic graphite, so it blends in just fine with any room it’s placed in.

The phones have an orange backlight that appears when the phone rings and when it is turned on. Vtech also has a number of phones that offer blue backlights. I will admit that I had my heart set on the blue and didn’t think I would like the orange. I decided on this model, despite it not looking like I wanted in the beginning, because I thought it would be the better phone for me. Come to find out, I like the orange much more than I thought I would. In fact, I am quite glad that I chose the orange, though I still think the blue (which is my favorite color) looks great, too.

I would be surprised if you found a multi-handset phone with this amount of quality for less than the $80 price tag that this Vtech model comes with. I was actually quite impressed with the price. Generally, visiting the local Wal-mart will turn up much higher price tags for phones that have more than one handset. I think the common prices are well over a hundred dollars. So, it was refreshing to see something much cheaper that works just as good or better than those models might.

I would have no problem recommending this model or suggesting Vtech, as a whole, to my friends whether they have disabilities or not. The price is fair and my expectations were far exceeded. The CS6129-31 is definitely worth the cost.

The VTech CS6129-31 has all of the basic calling features, though the DECT 6.0 technology does put this VTech above the pack in terms of quality and security. The CS-6129-31 also comes with a one year warranty. Below is a list of some of the basic and not so basic features for this wonderful phone.

DECT 6.0 Digital Technology (Provides exemplary sound quality, security, and enhanced range)
Three Individual Handsets for One Line (Only one jack is required/necessary to run all handsets)
Call Waiting
Caller ID which Stores 50 Names/Numbers
Digital Answering System
Intercom function between Handsets
Conference Calling
Outside Calling between Handsets
Phonebook Directory that Holds 50 Numbers
Ability to transfer calls from one handset to another
Orange Backlit Keypad

I have been using the VTech CS-6129-31 for the past month. While I would normally get a review done faster, with phones I like to use them for a bit longer to make sure that the quality does not go down after you’ve owned it for awhile. Well, I am happy to report that this phone has not changed at all since I took it out of the box. It was perfect for my needs when I took it out of the box and it still meets and beats every expectation that I have for a basic cordless phone.

My favorite feature is the intercom. If I am in one room and want to talk to someone or need something, instead of hollering (something I had to do before) I can just pick up the phone in the room I am in and call the phone that is in the other room. For example, my phone is number 3. Phone 1 is in the kitchen and 2 is in the living room. To call someone in another room I just need to pick up my phone, hit the intercom (INT) button and press the number that represents the phone that I want to ring.

Another handy feature, at least for me, as I sometimes get tired holding the phone up (my disability affects my arms) is the one-touch speakerphone. On the left hand side of the handset, the first button is the speakerphone. All it takes is one touch and it’s working. On previous models, I have noticed that the button for the speakerphone will be on the base not the phone itself. This addition on the phone makes it much easier for me, especially when I am on an important call. Additionally, the speakerphone sounds equally as clear, which is not always the case with other phones. I’ve used many speakerphones in my day and this one is the best On some phones I have been known to end a call due to tiredness in my arms, rather than use the speakerphone, but that is no longer an issue thanks to the VTech phone I’m using now.

Ease of Use:
As far as phones go, you won’t find one simpler to use. Under the speakerphone button is the Talk button. You can press it before or after you input the number. On the opposite side in red is the End button. Redial, Mute, and INT (intercom) are the buttons that run along the bottom section of buttons on the phone. Considering these are your basic features and they are clearly labeled, people won’t have a problem using these phones at all. The directory is equally as easy to use permitting you can follow basic instructions.

People that have minor vision problems will enjoy the orange backlight. When you get a call the main screen, which is fairly large offers the name of the caller in larger print. With the backlight shining and the larger text it makes it incredibly easy to read. Everything about this phone makes using it easy and effortless.

Overall Quality:
The VTech CS6129-31 is an excellent phone that is perfect for families and individuals regardless of physical ability. The ability to buy one phone and have three handsets means that each phone is just a few moments from you no matter where you are in the house. The main base includes a digital answering machine, as well, so everything that you could possibly need where a phone is concerned is included. I am thrilled and surprised to say that there are no complaints to list. This is perfect for people with disabilities and people that are able bodied. In either situation, you receive a fairly priced phone that works better than the expensive models. The VTech CS6129-31 is highly recommended!

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