Getting focused, especially when you are a full time blogger, is never easy. That’s part of why I signed up for the 31 Days to a Better Blog hosted by Darren Rowse over at the ProBlogger website. It’s also why I try to visit as often as possible. Chris constantly inspires. He’s running on 8 million cylinders and is spinning circles on everyone else. I know he’s my friend, but I also look to him as a mentor. I want to one day be as focused as he is.

Just looking over Chris’ blog makes me realize all I’m missing out on by not being focused. Sure, I have other obstacles standing in my way, but maybe if I was a little more focused, some of those would disappear.

For instance, I’d been planning to meet up with Chris when he came to Detroit last week, but I had no transportation to the city, so not only did I have to let Chris down, I let myself down. I can’t help but think, maybe if I’d been a little more focused, I’d have had the extra cash to rent an accessible van. I can’t guarantee that would have happened, but right now, I do have to what if.

Chris Brogan once gave me the best compliment I’ve received as a blogger. He said I had potential. Coming from a man as successful as Chris, it was an honor. To have him think I have potential is a big thing, but I have to wonder if perhaps, in the time since he has said that, if I’ve let illness, laziness, and other things squander away that potential. I haven’t meant to, and even as I sit here, my arms bone tired, barely able to reach the right keys to type due to a very long day up and about, I have to believe there is more I can do…more I can offer the readers of my blogs.

So, I’m going to be trying, in the coming months to hone in on my potential. I don’t want to let Chris or anyone else down. I most especially don’t want to let my readers down. Of course, I have to ask you the same question. Is there potential to do something spectacular in your life, within you, that you are squandering away without a second thought? Is there a way you can tap into this potential? I know that all of you who read this have the ability to be spectacular, or as Chris Brogan says, ‘to be rockstars!’

My question is, don’t you think we should get focused? Isn’t it time to turn our lives around and stop missing out on the opportunities we’d love to experience? I’m ready to go back to living life. I hope you are with me. That way we won’t have to take this journey alone! Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment.

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