Cool Clothing USA is an awesome small business that sells clothing that, like the name implies, stays cool. The company actually started as a husband (Iraq War Vet) and wife (marathon runner) that know how important moisture wicking clothing can be to people in intense situations. Even when you’re not in an intense situation, you could just be using them for fitness training, the results are there. These shirts live up to the claims made about them. They are both inexpensive and well made.

That brings me to my review. I was approached to write a review for one of the moisture wicking shirts that Cool Clothing sells. As someone that is transgender, I am always on the lookout for a good, inexpensive compression top. These shirts can get pretty expensive, so if I can find one that does its job and doesn’t cost a pretty penny it gives me a chance to send business to the company. The Moisture Wicking Compression tops at Cool Clothing only run about $24, minus the cost of shipping. This is not a bad deal at all.

I received one of the shirts in Navy Blue (they also come in white and black). As you would expect the shirt stretches to fit your body. Once I put it on, I could immediately see a difference. I could see spots in my arms, chest, and stomach were compressed. The biggest change was in my chest, which was fine by me. The most important thing though, was that the shirt was comfortable.

When I first put it on I thought that it would be too tight in the arms. However, as it is made partially from spandex, it ended up fitting well and being comfortable. I have temperature issues, which leave me cold a lot of the time so I was wondering how this would work. What I found was that it did keep me cool, but I was never cold. It’s also excellent when it’s warm out because it stops me from getting too hot or overheating.

I’ve had this washed a couple of times and have not noticed one change in it since I received it. It’s nice to know that it won’t diminish with time or use, at least, not in the early stages. While I was sent the short sleeved, Cool Clothing also sells a long sleeved compression top for just $5 more, which isn’t bad at all. In fact, for the price you pay you really cannot beat this value. It’s an excellent shirt and I highly recommend you check it out.

You can pick up one of these shirts online by visiting Cool Clothing USA. In addition to the compression tops you can also check out their line of Undershirts, Women’s Items (from Sports Bras to Capris), and Shorts. Cool Clothing USA attempts to suit the needs of all customers so you will find both small and above average sizes available.

In our community, we’re always looking for something that compares to the quality of Under Armour Compression clothing. I am here to tell you Cool Clothing USA meets and beats the quality of Under Armour and then some. If you want the more affordable option with as good as, if not better, quality go with Cool Clothing USA. It’s an added bonus that you will be supporting a family that has served my (and your) country well through their service and dedication.

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