I was inspired, after watching Marley & Me to write up something about my dog, Oliver. Oliver is a cute, little Shih-Tzu. He has the cutest little face. That’s the only thing that keeps him safe and in our home. Otherwise, he is rambunctious, can’t be trusted to run around our house without being monitored or held, and he has this alpha dog, superiority complex that prevents him from truly being affectionate…unless it’s on his terms!

Oliver can be a total lover or aloof and unwilling to even be held. He’s officially been diagnosed with a form of doggy ADHD. Training doesn’t work unless he’s on medication. Of course, this leads us on many, interesting adventures. The latest one we’ll call: The Ice Cream Truck.

Oliver has a love/hate relationship with cars. He’s been known to try and chase them, to eat the tires. This has led to him realizing they just might run him over, and he’s become VERY terrified of cars. If he’s down in our yard or driveway and a car passes by, he will run for the house like his tail has just been set on fire. No vehicle is more intimidating for him, though, then the dreaded…Ice Cream Truck!

Yesterday, I was outside enjoying the weather. I had Oliver on my lap. As long as he’s on my lap, up on my ramp platform, he’s fine with cars passing by. Sure, he stands up and looks at them, as though he’s challenging them to come get him, but this is Oliver being relatively calm. As we sat outside, I had no idea of his fear of the Ice Cream Truck.

Well, Ashtyn knew, and she saw it coming. She decided to stand by me, without explaining to me what I was about to experience. It didn’t take long for me to find out. As that dreaded truck of frozen milk-made goodies came into view, poor Oliver went nuts! Of course, I don’t have the best grip, so holding him became nearly impossible.

He climbed up my arm, his little claws digging into my flesh (I had on a short sleeve t-shirt), trying to get to his Mommy. He was clawing at Ash, as she stood next to me, and his poor little Shih-Tzu head kept darting around looking for a way, a place to escape. He spotted the truck in front of our house, as it stopped right in front. Another car was in its way so it had to sit there, for what seemed like forever.

It was like suspended animation for my poor little dog. He’s digging, clawing and whimpering. It’s as though he’s begging to be taken away or the Ice Cream Truck will turn, drive through our yard, up my ramp and eat him. So, I’m sitting there half-laughing at the ridiculousness and half wincing at pain as he claws into me like I’m a dirt pile and he’s digging a hole to China. Ash is holding him to me, because otherwise he’ll be clawing up her arm and into her arms.

Well, just as soon as it had begun, it ended. The Ice Cream Truck moved on to another street and Oliver quieted down, snuggling back against me like nothing had happened. I sat there with a sore arm and renewed knowledge that if the Ice Cream Truck comes around again, I better make sure I’m inside or don’t have Oliver on my lap!

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