Part of the draw of the holiday season, for me, is finding ways to make myself and my family look utterly ridiculous…you know….in that totally FUN kind of way.

We’ve participated in the evolution of Elfing yourself since it first started a few years back. Lemme tell you, it gets more fun every year I do it. That’s probably because the songs are better, you have more options, you can add more family members, and the dance moves are a lot more crazy.

This year, my favorite, two choices for my family were the 80s and the Hip Hop themes.

Here’s the 80s dance:

This dance features me, my son, Robert, my nephew, Braxton, and Ashtyn. We are gettin down to some funky beats. Let me say that it brings me such joy to see myself breakdancing. I truly never would have expected myself to do such a thing!!

These online videos are fun enough to last until January 2011. You can email them to family and friends, as well as share them on a selection of social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. You can also download the video to keep forever, for a nominal fee of under $5 (it’s $4.99!).

This year, Elf Yourself is presented by Office Max and JibJab. You too can elf yourself by visiting The cool thing about this site this year is you can log in with your Facebook and use pics you already have uploaded there to make your Elf Yourself music video. You also have the option of uploading up to six pictures/family members and using/reusing them again and again for themes that include Country and Surfing, as well as the ones I mentioned previously.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather up the family pictures and start Elfing Yourself, too!

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