I am raising money for my short film, Forbidden Fate. My goal is to raise enough money for post-production work such as hiring someone to develop a score for it. This is essential because the film is silent. The music will provide another level of emotion to an already emotional piece. I also plan to pay for the digitization of the film. Right now, it is on an old-fashioned film reel. By digitizing it, I can do a few editing touchups in Final Cut Pro (truthfully, most of the editing is already done). It also allows for me to submit my work to various film festivals. I am particularly interested in submitting it to some of the LGBT film festivals.

Forbidden Fate started as a short film project for school. However, I knew when I was making it, after the development of the script, and the casting of Luke Wortley that this film was so much more than a school project. The cast and crew poured their hearts into it. This is a story that needs to be told. It tells the story of a man who is living a lie because he fears rejection. When someone learns the truth, all of his fears become reality. This story explores sexuality, relationships, and confronts the reality of homophobia. This topic is prevalent to today’s society. We need to see homophobia for the ugliness it is and eradicate it from civilized society.

This is where I need your help. I am raising money to make this film accessible to the public. You will be rewarded by donating. For some, it means a thank you in our credits. For others, you can be listed as a producer. Every dollar will help. Please consider making a donation, to help us get Forbidden Fate out to the public. You can find out how to donate by visiting the Indiegogo website.

Please help me. I will be forever grateful for your help. As an aspiring filmmaker, you will be helping to make my dreams come true.

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