It’s time to go back to school, and that means retailers like Target are rolling out their back-to-school videos. I happened to catch one of their new commercials when it aired before another video on a local news station’s website. I was delighted to discover that one of the children in the video uses a wheelchair.

The youngster, who looks to be elementary school age, is running/racing around, shooting baskets, and having fun with the other children in the video. With just a simple video, Target has been able to not only acknowledge that people with disabilities are part of society, but that we like to have fun, and can be just as capable as anyone else.

I have said it again and again. We need to change perceptions about disability in our society, and we cannot do that if we are not visible. The media is one of the most visible ways to be seen, so when television stations, television shows, and commercials neglect to offer diverse casting that includes people with disabilities, our community remains unnoticed, often forgotten.

Inclusion…It is a really simple thing for Target to do. Their back-to-school videos include a diverse group of children, and they do it without fanfare. For someone with a disability, it is exciting to see someone else with a disability on television. We will truly know things are changing when this is not such a big deal, but for now, it is, and many of us are thrilled!

Thanks Target, for remaining inclusive, and keep up the great work!

You can check out the video below: