I have found that in my old age, I actually have pretty good taste. Growing up, I never picked out my own clothes. Once I became a teenager, I didn’t dress myself, so I never picked out my clothes then, either. By the time I went to college, I was of the belief that people in wheelchairs had to wear loose fitting clothes, like sweat pants and stretchy tops. I didn’t know I could actually be fashionable.

When I started dating my girlfriend/partner, Ashtyn, she started buying my clothes for me. She is much more stylish and fashionable than anyone else who used to dress me. You can see from a young age, I was a fashion victim, just by looking at the pictures I’m littering through this article, and most of the time, it wasn’t of my own volition!

Dominick - As a Kid in an Awful Outfit

Since we’ve been talking about New Years resolutions on this blog and on Twitter, I felt it necessary to get started on one of my goals. I stated I wanted to look more fashionable. I want to have a makeover both physically and mentally. Well, I’m looking to work on the physical aspect starting at the beginning of 2009.

I’m hoping to work with companies to discuss fashionable, stylish products that people in wheelchairs can use, and I plan to profile my transformation to a much more stylish, hip-looking Dominick. I’m already half-way there, because I’m no longer wearing sweat pants, as my primary “clothing option” pant wise.

The purple slippers just don't go with the Star Wars PJs

While these are just a few of the dreadful things I had to wear as a kid, I have many photos I’m not willing to share. Especially when I was raised as a female, I was dressed in the most atrocious dresses, pantsuit outfits, and the like. I can’t even bring myself to post any of these pictures, as they might make all of you go blind. I do know, the 80s weren’t good for me as far as color coordination and hipness went and the 90s weren’t much better. Before the 00s end, I’m hoping to completely change the way I look, and in turn, change the way I feel about myself.

Dom in the throwback to the 70s outfit

So, if you’re a company that has something to offer, that is stylish and hip, let me know. If you have any advice for a clothing brand I should check out, leave me a comment. I have a goal. I plan to show that people in wheelchairs can have taste. Fashion isn’t limited to the walking world. It’s about time those of us in wheelchairs wore what we wanted and dressed how we like. If I have to trailblaze for us, I’m more than willing to do so.

In 2009, Dominick Evans will no longer be a fashion victim and I plan to chronicle the entire journey here, on domevansofficial.com. Won’t you come along for the ride?

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