Recently, Gillette put out six new styling products for men’s hair. Whether you’re going for the messy look or want something more refined, I am sure that Gillette offers something to help you get the style that you desire. I have sung the praises of Gillette in past reviews for their body care lines and for their shampoo and conditioner. If you’ve read the other reviews you might find me saying some of the same things. Gillette has produced some great products for fair prices and that’s just one of the reasons that I like them.

Gillette Sculpting Paste Product Image

Before we get too detailed let me mention the new products and let you know their purpose.

Gillette Style Sculpting Paste: If you’re looking to be able to change hairstyles without having to reapply more styling product this is the paste for you. You can go from one style to the next with relative ease and only one product application. This spreadable paste is also easy to work with, which is another plus.

Precision Putty: Creating a matte finish, the precision putty let’s you mold your hair to create a chunky, highly messed look. I admit I don’t normally style my hair this way, but if your hair is a little longer, this putty would work excellent for you.

Mess Constructor: With this you can make your hair look as messy as you want it, while it’s still technically styled. This is best compared to a gel, with a strong hold, a nice texture, and a number of styling options.

Flex Gel: This is perfect for gel lovers that want the spiky or gelled look, but want their hair to not have that hardened look that often comes with styling products. While this doesn’t last as long as power gel, you can put this on after the shower and be certain that it will hold for a good 12 hours.

Power Gel: Similar to the Flex Gel though a little more hardcore in nature. This gel lasts for 24 hours and offers a strong sense of definition and texture. If you need a stronger hold, this is the way that you will want to go.

Flexible Hairspray: This is pretty similar to other hair sprays that you have used over the years. The difference being that this one offers a strong hold that lasts through time and weather.

After pricing these at the store, I have to say that they are either on level or cheaper than the top brands. The cheapest I found these for was around $3-4 and the most was around $6-7. I’ve always been a big gel user and I have to admit, I am quite fond of the Flex Gel. I love the fact that my hair can remain so soft and yet it’s still spiked or styled the way that I want it. The Power Gel is excellent, too, though I do not use that as much, or at least, I haven’t yet. I am sure that if I were going out and wanted to make sure that the style would hold I would look to the Power Gel.

I am not a big messy hair person, mainly because my hair isn’t really long enough for that. So, I haven’t really spent a lot of time trying out the mess constructor and the matte products. However, just going off of the gel and hair spray, I am sure that they, too, are worth every penny.

I am happy to say that Gillette has something to meet all of my needs from hair to body. I am quite happy with all of the products that Gillette has sent me and I will continue to buy them long after they are gone. As I have said in previous reviews, these Gillette hair care products come highly recommended.

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